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Controlled Substance Management

Dr. Kerr holds a certificate in controlled substance management from the American Academy of Interventional Pain Physicians. Much recent information and evidence has shown us that long term use of opiate analgesics for management of chronic pain is NOT beneficial in many cases and may even be harmful, causing increased pain. The "opioid overuse epidemic" is at the forefront of the media frequently. As such, Dr. Kerr strives to comply with professional practice guidelines and is well versed in the March 2016 guideline published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Prior to receiving any controlled substance prescription, patients must have a comprehensive assessment including review of past treatment and past diagnostic studies substantiating the underlying physical causes of the patient's pain. A risk assessment for mental health issues and substance use disorders is also conducted. Urine drug screening and review of the CURES prescription monitoring program data is also done. In most cases, controlled substance prescriptions (opiates) will NOT be prescribed at the first visit pending results of the urine drug screening and receipt of outside records/supporting data. Patients who are prescribed controlled substances will sign a patient treatment agreement, undergo regular monitoring and assessment for misuse or abuse of medications, using CURES reports and Urine Drug Tests. Specific goals of treatment will be set including physical, functional, social/emotional and quality of life goals. Progress must be made towards these goals in order to continue use of controlled substances. In cases where there is no clear benefit, no reduction of pain or improvement in function, or there are adverse side effects or aberrant behaviors, controlled substances may be discontinued. There is zero tolerance for use of any illicit substances other than Marijuana. There is a three strikes and you are out policy for all Marijuana products including edibles, oils and inhaled products. Use of alcohol with these medications is also strongly discouraged. Patients must comply with going to all other recommended treatments including consultations with specialists, physical therapy, mental health, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. In cases of substance use or abuse disorders, patients may be referred to an addiction specialist or referred for in-patient "detox". Dr. Kerr also holds a license for prescribing Buprenorphine and can facilitate withdrawal from PRESCRIPTION opioids when appropriate, including maintenance therapy. She does NOT treat heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, or other illicit substance addiction/abuse. Patients with these substance abuse disorders belong in a substance abuse treatment program or under the care of an Addiction Medicine specialist, in spite of their comorbid pain. They may benefit from physical therapy, steroid injections, and non-addictive medications, however.

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