Our Patient’s Journey begins by Patients being referred to our office by a referring doctor such as a Primary Care Physician, Orthopedist or any specialist so we can obtain demographics, consult notes and any diagnostic studies the patient may have had in advance of the first appointment.

Our staff will then confirm and verify insurance coverage and schedule the initial consultation with Dr. Kerr. We will mail out a questionnaire that needs to be filled out prior to arriving for the appointment and we request that you arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment to fill out additional paperwork as needed.

Please bring in a list of all your medications including the strength, as well as how often you take the medication(s) or bring your medications with you at the time of your visit.

Patients are also required to bring in their Insurance Card and Picture ID to all appointments. Please note that any copay and deductibles must be paid at the time of each visit.

Insurance Providers

We cannot accept Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries.

Dr. Kerr accepts most major insurance providers. Please call our office for more information.